Did Mission: Impossible – Fallout Go Too Far? Review (Mojo @ The Movies)
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Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the 6th M:I movie and it’s being hailed as one of the best in the franchise, if not THE best, so far!! To love this franchise, you gotta love action and you gotta love Tom Cruise, and this time they have amped up both the action and the Cruise to ridiculous levels! So the big question is, has Mission Impossible finally gone too far with all the stunts and the action set pieces and high flying Tom Cruise stunts? The Mojo @ The Movies experts are here to debate that question!

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  1. guy with glasses: complains about mission impossible films have no plot. proceeds to talk about how wonderful mad max fury road is…

  2. Personally… I’m just tired of every MI being “oh no IMF has to be shut down because some random thing that isn’t anything to do with them”

  3. Eric Cohen is such a piece of shit. He doesn’t know anything about movies, spitting in the face of Blade Runner 2049 and now Mission Impossible Fallout and then praising a film like Get Out which while strong had issues and is far from reaching or exceeding the previously named movies. Douchebag.

  4. Ah yes the ‘movie reviewers’. Watch when the summer popcorn season ends and they won’t review anything else.

  5. What kind of review is this? “I’m sick of Tom Cruise” “I love Tom Cruise”
    So is he good or not!???

  6. Fun fact Teen Titan go to the movie has a higher rating than Fallout,Aquaman,and Shazam

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