Justice League Review! Mojo @ The Movies – Attention: Spoiler Alert!
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The DC Extended Universe explodes onto the big screen with all of your favourite DC superheroes in one movie! Welcome to Mojo @ The Movies! Check out our review of Justice League starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa and many more! Is the movie good? Click to find out!

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  1. Decent review guys. Agreed with most of the points you shared. Also, if you’re gonna spoil it anyway, why not make a 100% spoiler review so that we can talk and discuss everything? Also, I honestly felt that you were cutting each other’s sentences all the time and it felt really annoying to watch.

  2. The abandoned town was in Russia and the first fight was Gotham harbor.. both were plainly explained in the movie…

  3. No offense but she doesn’t even know where she’s at to make critics, Middle man seems to be trying only to compare Dc and marvel, and the last guy keeps saying things he missed in the movies and labeling them as critics while trying to use educated language to even further quantify his need to sound like a critic when what he says was read word for word off the Rotten Tomatoes critic cut.

  4. I’m glad I can finally see what these WM idiots look like IRL. No wonder why their reviews are shitty and their top 10 lists are foolish.

  5. I enjoyed the film, but could definitely tell there were two different directors with different views of what the movie should have been. It’s like the film couldn’t decide whether to be dark like DC or light like Marvel has been. The Flash was funny, but some of his ‘quips’ are not well timed; which I feel is probably more an editing issue than anything else. The Aquaman character needed MORE backstory, while Wonder Woman’s opening scenes needed to have been trimmed. We ‘know’ all about her, him not so much. I agree that the settings were somewhat vanilla. at first i thought they were having the ‘human’ stone end up in the old nuclear plant at Chernobyl. An explosion there would definitely cause mankind problems. But then they had people living nearby, so that ruled Chernobyl out. (I suppose they were the requisite ‘citizens in peril needing rescue – but they didn’t come across as in danger, even at the end. ) I personally would have rather had a longer, better edited film that came out later instead of the shorter blah-edited one that was released; but the studios aren’t gonna do that.

  6. I totally enjoyed JL it was a very fun movie and should be taken as such. The only question that I’ve got is the runtime why did the studio want it 2 hours or shorter probably because there could get more screenings in today so more box office my point being is the Titanic, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and many many more are between two and a half and 3 hours long some of them made a billion dollars or very close to it so run time isn’t that important after all is it to the box office success the only people who F it up are the studio executive.

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