Solo: A Star Wars Story SPOILER FREE Review! Mojo @ The Movies
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With Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting theatres soon, the big question is can Alden Ehrenreich do Han Solo as well as Harrison Ford? Welcome to Mojo @ The Movies, where we’re giving you our first impressions of the new Star Wars movie, but don’t worry, we are keeping it spoiler free!! Look out for our Spoiler Alert on the coming days!

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  1. *So in other words* … The story is lame but as the sequel trilogy, it has good visual effects.

  2. Definitely skipping this one and possibly all Disney Star Wars in the future and making sure none of my children never see them as well, these films have SJW agendas all over them. Lando is a pansexual now known as Pando sleeping with any and everything and even having sex with Droids. Droids fighting for rights, and I’m almost positive the lead villain will be female, you know, because women can be just like men. It will be known as Soylo.

  3. I hope Lucasfilm starts making Star Wars movies that take place in the same universe but explores & expands different aspects of the Star Wars movies. I’m thinking of writing a Droids Revolution story treatment I’m thinking of sending to Lucasfilm, which is this Lawrence of Arabia type of story, but w/droids.

  4. I’d rather watch Deadpool several more times; it’s fun, diverse, pro LGBT+ and respects it’s fan base.

    Everything Disney’s Star Wars fails at!

    R.I.P. Star Wars 😔

  5. Is it weird that i never saw any of the stars movie 🎥 and I only ever watch 1 Harry Potter just 1☹️

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