Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Spoiler Free First Impressions Review! Mojo @ The Movies
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Can you feel The Force? The Last Jedi is the biggest movie event of the year and we saw this mega blockbuster early so we could tell you all about it! Welcome to Mojo @ The Movies! Check out our first impression review of the new movie that brings new balance to The Force! Does it live up to all the hype? Click here to find out!

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  1. Snoke absorbs force sensitive beings to make him more powerful and extent his life. He wants Kylo to find Luke(because luke is currently most powerful force user alive) so he can absorb him.

  2. Why people hated the prequels: CGI was flat, Jar Jar, Poor linear acting, felt a bit plastic in alot of scences, Anakin was a bit of a eheheh, Bad acting, story wasn’t that crash ho0t (but battle scenes and lightsaber battles were good), politicial bullshit, could have been executed better. Now while force awakens isn’t the best star wars movie, it brings back the wars to star wars. It has its humour, has its Space battles, has that one lightsaber fight scene etc. Force awakens was reaally just tryna bring back star wars

  3. Random person: What did you think of the new Alien movie?

    “Star Wars fan”: I hate the prequels, let me tell you why…

    Random person: uhhh ok, but what about the new version of the xenomorph?

    “Star Wars fan”: Anakin is such a cry baby, teenage emo…

    Random person: … Well Kylo Ren is cool.

    “Star Wars fan”: Don’t even get me started, Kylo is such a cry baby, teenage emo…

    Random person: Luke bitched about every little thing, actually even more than Anakin and mostly about trivial things…

    “Star Wars fan”: WHAT! He is such a hero, the biggest badass in the whole saga, he is the greatest Jedi bla bla bla bla….

    Every time, no matter what. We get it, some of you didn’t like the prequels. They exist, aren’t going away. Get over it.
    Always reminds me of that quote “no one hates star wars as much as star wars fans”

  4. All that hype and it was OK at best.
    Didn’t like who dies
    Didn’t like who kept living
    They don’t explain more past of who rey and smoke are. Bummer

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