3 Indie Movies You Need To See Now – Mojo @ The Movies Review!
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The big blockbusters may get lots of attention, but a few new indie movies are getting some major buzz right now, too! Welcome to Mojo @ The Movies where we are looking at 3 indie films that you need to see right now: Lady Bird, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Just how good are these movies? Click to find out!

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  1. Jim Carrey was an asshole to everyone on set. To say that he “tapped” in to Andy Kaufman is absurd. The guy is flat out nuts, you see it now with his current bs. This was just the beginning and the studio knew it, which is why they don’t care if it’s released now or not.

    • Jasper Page I’ve met Jerry “The King” Lawler and that guy is amazing. I loved watching the movie man on the moon. But to see the BHS, was appalling. When Jerry said this isn’t Andy I kinda knew if for sure then that Jim Carry was going way tooooooooooooooo….. far.

    • Jack Slade I’m a huge Kaufman fan and I don’t see how he channeled Andy at all. I think this documentary actually did a disjustice to Andy, rather than what they were trying to do- pay homage, reignite his memory.

  2. Review the Irish comedy The Young Offenders
    It is hilarious
    It got 100% on rotten tomatoes

  3. I watched three billboards last night. It was awesome. It was funnier in the first half. But still awesome. I’m going to try and see lady bird tonight. Last night to play around here. If not. I have the Jim Carrey one to see. Killing of the sacred deer is probably my favorite of the year so far

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