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Are you excited to see Ryan Gosling star as the new Blade Runner? WatchMojo presents our review for “Blade Runner 2049”! So what did we think of this much anticipated blockbuster! Get our thoughts on the characters, the story, Denis Villeneuve’s direction, and so much more!

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  1. Love the original 1982 movie so much this one I was not so sure about watching but now that I have watched this video I might have to see it

  2. Saw it today. I loved the first one and this one couldn’t have made me happier! Jared Leto in particular stole the show for me with his acting.

  3. I just came back from cinema. And the only thing i can say is that this movie stretches on forever. I quite literally got tired by watching this 3 hour movie, which despite being visually marvelous is dull, slow-paced and almost entirely actionless. I wouldn’t advise anyone to see this on big screen. Its better to wait it out and check it at home.

  4. This movie is so bad. Waste of time and money. I can’t remember when i watched such a bad movie last time…

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