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The Merc with a Mouth is back on the big screen with a sequel to what became a very successful first feature film for Deadpool. Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds once again as the fast talking superhero, and this time he’s joined by some fan favourites. But can the sequel live up to the success of the first Deadpool? Welcome to Mojo @ The Movies, where we tell you all you need to know, without spoiling it… but there is so much more we can say, so stay tuned for a spoiler alert review, coming soon!!

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  2. Thank you I really enjoy your review. I just came out of the picture after I watch deadpool 2 awesome movie, dam I thought it was a marvel movie so I waited for the end credit seen but there is nothing only a few in the beginning but I mean like marvel do end credit seen there is nothing

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  4. What happened to all of the self proclaimed hardcore Domino fans that were upset about the so called “Blackwashing” of Zazie Beetz playing Domino??? Rather quiet now.

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