Suing a selfie-taking monkey and even god?! This whole suing malarkey has certainly gone too far.

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    • All 10? 2 underage girls exercise their right to free speech and get threatened with murder, rape, and torture by black people. That actually supports their position to be “racist”. On top of that black people get away with far worse. The courts rarely even prosecute black people being genuinely racist against whites. If racism is so bad then why only let one group get away with such atrocities?

      Every week you hear about bashings, rapes, murder, gang culture. Blacks openly abuse whites then hide behind slavery to excuse it. It makes you wonder if we can even be called a democracy if one racial group has actual “privilege” above another. There’s some irony there given they claim whites are the entitled ones when minorities are the only ones with actual privileges above other races.

      The mainstream news refuses to report crimes against white people and only report on black issues. They know it pisses white people off and deliberately sparks racial tensions to sell papers etc. It’s no wonder racism is quickly on the rise. Of course whites are going to hate black people when such crimes are endorsed by government and media against them.

  1. Smart people trying to make easy money, sometimes, they win. It´s show that everybody is a asshole.

  2. PUBG is going to sue God for claiming that he created everything (battle royale games) lol

    **likes own comment**

  3. This commentator is very good! No-nonsense, quick and easy to digest information. Keeping the video short, but still entertaining. My hat off to him.

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