Would you do any of these terrible jobs if it meant getting paid handsomely?!

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  1. One of the worst videos this channel has released to be honest. $39,000 salary for lumber work?? $8,000 over “national US average????” US median income was $59,000 (2016), average income $65,000 (2014), and median adjusted gross income $38,000 (2014). You could probably get a job at your neighborhood Starbucks and make the same, if not more, compared to that lowly salary AND not risk getting yourself killed in the process. This video is straight clickbait as half these salaries aren’t “big bucks” and to anyone saying anything sub $75,000 is remotely considered big bucks, it’s probably because you live in some second or third world country where there is a significantly lower cost of living.

  2. Deep water horizon spill was caused by the oil company being cheap and bypassing safety regulations. This was a specific calculation by the management, not a mistake by any workers. Dont blame workers for the crimes of the executives.

  3. Military personnel make up to 200,000 a year joining mexican cartels as hitmens. Don’t ask how I know this

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