“If there’s one thing governments can do, it’s waste your money. From the US air dropping in cashmere goats to Dubai’s jetpacking firemen, here are 10 Ridiculous Times Government Wasted Your Money.

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  1. #8

    Is that how Malmö is pronounced in English or he just pronounced it wrong. He said “Molmo”

  2. Just for the sake of comparison… $6 million dollars is 0.00025% of $2.4 trillion. And, for a comparison of how small that percentage is… the acceptable level of lead in paint is 0.009%

  3. 6 million dollars of goats?? Then it’s 9 million 10 seconds later…. C’mon, I don’t expect this from alltime10s.

  4. #2 (jetpacks for firefighters) might be a waste (so far), but it’s not so ridiculous. If they ever do work, it’d help a LOT in rescue.

    No, not for individual extraction, but to setup a “cat walk” to a helicopter capable of extracting many people at once. Granted, jetfuel is probably not something you wanna carry into a fire.
    Details. 🙂

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