Ever blown too much money on something you regretted? Well, at least that dress you thought you’d like or that takeaway you didn’t really want didn’t cost you billions of dollars.

From Kings bankrupting their countries to people trading houses for tulips, here are the 10 biggest wastes of money in history.

Music – ‘Ooh Err Missus’ by Ian Hughes and ‘Golden Age Skit’ by Paul Mottram.

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  1. He died in the 1300s and a till remains the richest person in the world
    bil, gates is ni where near him he at 87 bill

  2. how brave of gaekwad of Baroda, he dared to challenge the then most powerful person in the world!!!!! like if you agree!!

  3. Wait… Edsel? Ugly? I find it rather funky and if I was from the 50s, I would have grabbed one and fuck all about the shoddy reliability it had because LOOK AT IT!

  4. The joining of Scotland with England did NOT create Great Britain; it created The United Kingdom (although the two countries had already been sharing a monarch for some time). The mainland of both Scotland and England have always been in Great Britain which gets its name from being the largest (or greatest) of the British Isles.

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