These 10 amazing archaeological discoveries changed the way we think about the modern world! From finding the first ever computer to finding ancient humans the size of Hobbits.

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  1. You say that vikings came to north america before Christopher Columbus, but when you talked about australia you just mentioned that “some people” have had been there. Guess who went to africa and then to india, yup PORTUGUESE! But you’re just to ignorant to mention about portuguese navigations. Just like almost all documentaries that talk about slaves, sugar cane, spices from india, or the invention of the astrolabio (similar to a compass) all of these from portuguese navigations but they never actually mention “portuguese”

  2. bro they just playin connect 4. he just tryin not to let his peice fall int the wrong spot.

  3. Holy crap! I’ve been to Kythera, the island directly opposite Antikythera! I never knew about that.

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  5. What the fuck, put some shitty mexican city higher in the list than rosetta stone. Did the city pay you guys or something.

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