The USA is no stranger to a bit of controversy. From fracking to childhood obesity, here’s our list of the 10 Worst Things To Come Out of the USA!

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  1. Cue the mortal kombat music in the comments section.
    Honestly the victors write the story. You can say the Natives all had syphilis and gave to the explorers and vise versa but truthfully, all history is a big fucking game of telephone.

    You guys really need to do a video of worst things to come out of Britain or that they have done. Be fair now. Smallpox blankets used a biological warfare was pretty fucking terrible lol

  2. The United States of America is a joke the rest of the world laughs at them…the only ones that don’t realize this are the fat cows that live there : )

  3. Americans criticize other countries all the time but as soon as someone else does it they get all triggered and defensive .

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