If aliens bothered to visit our increasingly destroyed planet, what would actually happen?

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  1. “If aliens visit us we would not know because the government, the church, and the military would hide the information from us saying we are not ready to know” .By the way their science have millions of years and is more easy they had colonized thousand of planets than life started from “zero” again’ and evolve to a high intelligence like us without their interference. And they colonized our planet . And that is not our fist life .And their technology already can access other realities and they can have contact with souls of life beings who have it.And that our planet is like a sand grain with very tiny seven peoples on it

    that kind of stuff everybody already known”
    – Stephen Hawking

  2. Anything that smart, would either take over, or destroy and then take over. And government would know way before msm.

  3. What if they’re all sing gender’ed/reproduce via parthanogenesis and come to earth for much more entertaining puroses ? (LoL !) 😀

  4. I think the aliens wouldn’t even want to be near us. I think of it like ‘civilized people vs those hostile savage tribes.’ I mean, if they are the pacifist types, then we must look like savages to them. And all that ‘we’ll experiment on any aliens’ stance I see on the internet sometimes. It’s like that tribe somewhere near Africa or India or something. We *tried* to educate them, but they keep throwing their spears at us. So we observe from far away. Aliens will either be biding their time, or maybe they’re already here in disguise.

  5. The real question is :
    What if Alien landed on earth and watch those Aliens movie we made ???

    • It would be like in Doctor who “You made a horror movie called Alien? That’s really offensive no wonder everyone keeps invading you”

  6. bah… who cares… now americans can protect the whole planet with their new space force… thank god we are safe now ! right ?

  7. Why would aliens need to invade us? The could already be here and just watching and learning about us, like how we do with animals in the wild.

  8. Aliens have been on the Earth for millions of years, before we came along. They don’t appear today, because we are a destructive, degenerate race. Who needs to develop spiritually more, before we can have contact.

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