War is a dark time full of confusion, propaganda and disturbing rumors, so sometimes it’s hard to tell the fact from the fiction.

Luckily, Alltime 10s is on hand to help you figure it out, with intriguing tales of military miracles, ghosts and wartime wonders.

Music = Backward Reality by Igor Dvorkin and Ellie Kidd

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  1. I found the ransom pigeon fact fascinating. Really clever way of getting your money for a hostage, something straight out of Prison Break or something.

  2. How is Pippo the plane disturbing? That will be funny if it wasnt ua getting bombed. Just like “O shit who dat? IZ PIPPO MY NIGGA”

  3. damn Pigblood bullets is so fucked up disrespectful. American has a long history of fuckin up muslims since early 1900s haha

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