Seems like too many doctors don’t know their left’s from their right’s (and their cystoscopies from their circumcisions…)

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  1. Number one was bad but I wouldn’t like to wake up with skin missing from where that poo came from either. Both were horrible

  2. All of these are absolutely horrible! But I’d be SO damn pissed/livid if my surgeon amputated the wrong limb!!

  3. When they gave me sweet tea instead of normal ice tea I HATE SWEET TEA

  4. LOL. I lived in Tampa when this happened and worked in healthcare. Needless to say this was a huge discussion in the hospital communities.. For some perspective the doctor did not cut off a perfectly healthy leg. Both legs were so bad that it was an easy mistake. Still shouldn’t have happened.

  5. In Delaware, that hospital is known as “Killer Kent” for a reason. Never thought I’d see it here, let alone number 1 lol

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