Whilst world leaders and even celebrities have the ability to influence the masses, there are some shady organizations that wield enormous power without us even knowing…

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    • You realize this is precisely how the member of a Secret Society would respond to this question.

    • You’ve seem to have forgotten what the word “Secret” means, if they’re secret, then we wouldn’t know about them, hence, we wouldn’t know what their plans are,would we?

    • I find it interesting you neglected to mention that The Bilderbergers were believed to Not Even Exist up until recently and your idea of what “Enormous Power” is,makes me wonder who you’re fronting for.

    • Alltime10s can you please explain how Freemasons pose a threat to our freedom? Did former mason Winston Churchill or George Washington pose a risk to our freedom? Are you aware the Nazis murdered 200,000 Freemasons during WW2 and THAT is why masons stopped making it common knowledge they were members after the war, as they feared reprisals, including death. Today, they have raise a LOT of money for charity and are one of the biggest doners for Air Ambulance, paramedic motorcycles, school buildings and other worthy causes the government neglects. How can they be a secret society when the addresses of their lodges, the time/ date they meet and the identity of their higher ups are published on the their websites?.. yes, they have websites! Their initiation ceremonies are kept secret to ensure persons trying to enter the lodges are members who have passed their ranks and not imposters, which is the same in any college fraternity. You’ve probably gathered I’m thinking of joining and unlike many people, have properly researched them, rather than listen to the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists who claim the masons are taking over governments, sacrificing goats and other rubbish that sadly many ignorant, click baiting YouTubers put out! Also, as an aside, did you know that members can’t have criminal records, must believe in a supreme being (any god), banned from using their position as a mason to their gain and are banned from discussing politics in their lodges. Hardly the morals of persons that pose a risk to your or my freedom?!

  1. My dad’s a mason and he’s pulled some stuff off just by being one like where construction workers and he’ll get a job just by being a mason in the other guy being a mason and he’s got out of speeding tickets and such just by being a mason cuz a bunch of cops are masons as well now the whole Illuminati business stuff I really don’t know anything about that but and every Masonic Lodge there is a holy bible right in the middle of it the Masons go all the way back the King Solomon

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