It’s a question for the ages – is there anything more painful than childbirth? We’ve rounded up 10 medical conditions that might just get there.

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  1. Testicular torsion is so bad. It feels like getting kicked as hard as possible in the balls every second, over and over again.

  2. I’ve had abscessed wisdom teeth on multiple occasions. The pain is a drop in the bucket compared to dry socket.

  3. Worst I’ve been through is a biopsy of a disc in the lumbar section of my back, I was awake the entire time and felt how they very slowly drilled in my back. The drill hit a nerve and it was like my entire lower body was submerged in lava, no. 2 is my migranes that I get 1-2 times every 6 months. I can’t speak or hold my eyes open, I vomit constantly and imagine it to be the same pain getting your face skinned with a rusty spoon.

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