Top 10 Celebrities Who are HORRIBLE to Their Fans

Some celebrities love their fans and will do anything – well, almost anything – to make them happy, while others couldn’t care less! Some celebrities like Justin Bieber spit on their fans, and we mean that literally, while others like Lea Michelle straight up ignore those who simply want a picture with her! Whether they refuse to sign autographs, refuse to take a picture with fans, ignore fans, lash out on them, or do their best to snub those who are most loyal to them, these celebrities from music, movies, TV and more are some of the worst offenders.

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00:45 #10: Cameron Diaz
01:28 #9: Lea Michele
02:35 #8: Tobey Maguire
03:31 #7: Britney Spears
04:31 #6: Bruce Willis
05:23 #5: Chris Brown
06:26 #4: Kanye West
07:23 #3, #2, #1: ????

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  1. There are celebrities who are rude to their fans sure…but you can`t just
    say some like Kevin James (even if only was an honorable mention)…are
    HORRIBLE to fans….just because they`ve once or twice done something that
    wasn`tz so nice…That thing with the waitress happenend once and she was a
    waitress not even a fan and it happenend ONCE..also Topbey
    McGuire….That`s not not something he does everyday….u make it seem like
    they generally are disrespectful towards teir fans and that`s wrong

  2. Wtf..?? Ariana?? I know she licked donuts but the fact she wished all her
    fans die was a rumor only fucking dumb haters believe. Shit! who the fuck
    did this??

  3. Ariana’s performance as Kat on Victorious is a pretty accurate description
    of her ignorance for mostly everything but it’s a little exaggerated. God I
    hate her so much.

  4. Honestly a lot of celebrities are mean to there fans
    But without fans there nothing
    Without fans they would be a fan…….

  5. The thing is what people don’t get is the fact most celebrities are busy,
    stressed, and even mad at times so some of these you shouldn’t blame.

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