Sometime it takes more than good old fashioned detective work to solve the supposedly unsolvable.

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  1. Why is it that today on the internet, TV, or any other show or podcast-do they have to use someone with a British accent? Sometimes it’s difficult to understand. Sometimes it is a refreshing change. What really sucks is lately- some of them don’t even sound real. What happened to having a variety of people doing the presenting? Why do they always have to have a British accent? Yes, it used to sound kind of sexy and it WAS a nice change— but it’s been overdone! Oh my gosh! I can’t watch anymore videos all the way through! ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t even sound real! My apologies if it is the real accent. I give up! Variety is the spice of life! PS: Simon Whistler >fabulous!

  2. If black people dont want to get called monkeys they need to stop acting like monkeys. Problem solved

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