Humans are THE WORST! And as a testament to that, here are the 10 Worst Manmade Disasters!

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    • A little known but horrendous man made disaster.. OK Tedy mine tailing disaster, Papua New Guinea. Gross and criminal negligence from BHP Billiton, for which they have not been held responsible for. One of the world’s most productive gold mines, they decided to run it for 30 years without even building a tailings dam. They piped all the waste into a creek which flowed into a nearly 1000km river. Which is now basically dead, from 30 years of gold production by products, mercury and arsenic etc. The river died, including forrest up to 100m back.. Abhorrent negligence by an Australian company that is the world’s largest mining company..

  1. “Kiklids” its cichlid and the chernobyl disaster happened in 86, please do more research next time

  2. 7:46 why is corn being shown while discussing bees and other pollinators? corn is pollinated by the wind, as are many of the grain crops…

  3. Hey idiot; push a pin into china anywhere and you will find bigger environmental disasters than most of these. These are not even close to the worst.

  4. Actually, regarding Love Canal, chemicals were not discovered because of rainy weather. The truth is that when the land was sold to the developer from Durez, he was told to not dig basements because of the barrels of chemicals. He agreed that he would not, but then did anyway. The digging pierced the drums and they began to slowly leak. I live 10 minutes from this area. They have rebuilt houses on these lands and people are again living on it. Look up Durez. I’m from a neighboring city, North Tonawanda (home of The Carrousel and Wurlitzer) and even though Durez has been shut down for years, they still have 2 huge tanks operating in NT because they are too dangerous to dispose of. You guys need a better researcher.

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