Sure, sharks are dangerous, but these 10 animals are way more scary than them! Here are the 10 Deadliest Animals on Earth! Jason Statham – take note…

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  1. I one got stung when I was little by a bee in the leg I’m kinda alergic and I got really swollen by my fucken pe teacher still made me run the mile

  2. i like how pits account for “60%” but out of 3 dog attacks i’ve seen, 2 were chihuahuas, one was a jack russel. also pits are the sweetest dogs i’ve ever met.

  3. Your pitbull stastics are wrong. The most common bitters are labs and chihuahuas as they account for a large percentage of breeds owned. Pitbulls are also very common and commonly misidentified by even vets. They arent more dangerous, they are bigger and stronger so their attacks are more likely to be fatal than a chihuahua attack. Also, almost all attacks are unneutered males of all breeds because od the excess aggression. I dont think you meant any harm, but the sterotype isnt helped by misinformation.

  4. Stay out of these animals habitat.Where in the hell do you want them to go for Gods sake?? It leaves me spiritually sick. To know this is happening non stop. I’m an animal rights advicate. I’m also a tree hugger. Please leave the animals a place to go and live the way they’re meant to.The last thing we need now is another huge parking lot and strip mall.

  5. Pitbulls are very good dogs and are very loving. Your stupid list doesn’t help them and is really dumb. How are hippos #4 and dogs #3 when they kill more than dogs. Unsubscribing and I hope all dog lovers do the same.

  6. I know pitbulls were originally bred for fighting, but I’m 100% certain there are lots of them that aren’t dangerous! They’re also one of my favorite dog breeds. ☺💕

  7. Has anyone ever noticed that when your in the hospital your supposed to get rest and recover but you don’t your getting woke up nearly every fucking hour by nurses I’m mean come on health care let’s get it right

  8. hippos number 5, scorpions number4 … ballllllllllllllllllbag people keep angry sting boys as pets.. who in the bitchnuts has a hipboi as a pet.. i’m drunk

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