When it comes to movies for kids, they tend to range from Pixar to mostly terrible. But in between there are some dark gems that are, frankly, horrifying – some of these we can’t BELIEVE got made for children. Here are the 10 creepiest kids movies ever.

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    • I would say Mommie Dearest (1981). It’s rated PG, and is about the childhood of Christina Crawford and how she was abused by her adoptive mother, actress Joan Crawford. There’s some fucked up scenes in that movie, like child abuse, that would seriously be suitable for kids to watch.

  1. Lol I already watched all the Willy wonka movies also the film Willy wonka and chocolate factory(not Charlie) was made in the 1970’s

  2. No Secret of NIHM? The Great Owl alone is more terrifying than anything else on this list. Nevermind all the murder.

  3. Good grief, you Brits are so sensitive! Aside from Dark Crystal and Garbage Pale Kids everything was just a standard movie or wasn’t even meant for kids! Fun fact, Shrek was never ment for kids, but because it was a cartoon they kept it kid “friendly” so parents would feel bad taking their kids along.

  4. I know this is a tv show and not a movie, but Hell’s Bells was a terrifying show from decades ago that basically scared children into behaving for fear of going to Hell. I actually have the movie Return to Oz and I like it now, but when I was a kid, the wheelers and headless queen scared the shit out of me

  5. I can’t watch All Dogs Go to Heaven ever again after learning about the real-life story of Judith Barsi (who voiced the little girl).

  6. “Willy Wonka” would not be the same without that terrifying sequence and while Roald Dahl did not write it and did not like the movie, it captures just how dark and twisted he was, both in his childrens and adult stories.

  7. My daughter, remembers being terrified and scarred by the Witches movie, she’ll never watch it again.

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