These kids have their lives set after absolutely smashing their childhoods and earning more money than we most likely ever will in our entire lives… These are 10 Kids Who Are Self-Made Millionaires!

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  1. Self-made means NO HELP WHATSOEVER from your PARENTS. 9/10 on this list have help from their parents.

  2. “Self made” – 5:43 “This father-son-team […]” OH YEAH, I’m sure the father played NO role in his “career”. Like IDK buying the toys, the tech equip like the camera and cutting the videos. And this isn’t the only example, most “selfmade” millionaires had external factors and conditions that made them “who” they are.

  3. I’m confused about the jam kid… How is that Jam anything special? I’ve always skipped the jars with added sugar and only bought pure-fruit jams, they have been for sale in supermarkets for as long as i remember.

  4. You really need to stop using this term. It makes absolutely no logical sense. NO ONE can make a fortune on their own means. It’s logically, financially, and physically impossible. And then you top it off to say that a “child” made themselves millionaires. I’m sure that their parents just put them in a cardboard box and left them to their own devices. Damn you guys are fucking idiots.
    WTF is wrong with you !? Have you absolutely no sense of logic ?

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