Creepiest Facts About Disney Movies that Will Ruin Your Childhood
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Now that you’re all grown up, you may see these things a little differently. For this essay, we’re going to be looking at both behind the scenes facts and story elements in Disney’s animated films. Our video covers the movies “The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Pocahontas”, and more! Join WatchMojo as we go over Facts About Disney Movies that Will Ruin Your Childhood.

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  1. Racist Stereotypes were oh so common in media back in the day, it wasnt seen as bad or immoral or anything like that, it was just something that was done for comedy, really Walt was not racist, at least not anymore racist than ppl of that generation.

    as for hearing about Walt losing his mom, that really blows, explains the lack of a mother in Disney movies, talk about putting your feelings down on paper, ouch…

  2. I hate disney tbh. They ruin and change legends and stories to make them family friendly. Like Hercules as an example. The villain was suppose to be hera. Shes the one who put a snake in hercules crib when he was a baby. The reason was because hera was mad at zeus for having a child with a mortal. They did the same with the little mermaid. Ariel died in the true story and never married eric. I hate how they make dark legends kid friendly. I mean if there dark…THEN WHATS THE POINT OF SHOWING THEM TO LITTLE KIDS?

  3. Keep in mind that most of these stories were written during times when girls were considered adults as soon as they hit puberty. The minute you were physically capable of having babies you were married off by your parents. Probably why Disney rarely says their ages out loud in the movies.

  4. The Lion King is actually Disney’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. They took a very long, and wordy story and fit it into a way that children can understand and like to watch, instead of sitting through hours of tedious Shakespearean novels.

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