These awkward moments in The Office US series still have us laughing and cringing. We’ll be looking at the most painfully awkward moments from the show and ranking them based on pure cringe factor. Can anyone watch this show without looking through their fingers? WatchMojo ranks the most awkward moments in The Office US series. Which Office US moment had you awkwardly laughing? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. You don’t need to show the voice over people…
    at least # 3 Toby is remorseful. Michael never is. Diversity day was the first episode and michael was so bad I didn’t watch it for years. I’m glad I finally did. I also feel for Kevin and his chili
    Seriously showing the voice over people is cringey they’re very attractive but it slows everything down.

  2. Kathy flirting with Jim in his hotel room in Florida is so cringeworthy, surprised it didn’t make at least honorable mention.

  3. The Christmas episode where Michael basically told everyone how much he hated the presents given to him and forced Yankee Swap on them should’ve been here.

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