When kids sit down to watch tv, you expect it to be well vetted and safe for everyone… But what happens when it all goes wrong? These are 10 Banned Kids TV Episodes!

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  1. I thought number on was “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” episode called “The Last Roundup”. It involved one character that got offensive. It was the googled eyed pony named Derpy Hooves. She started as an animation error. But by the time this episode cam out, people got a little sensitive. So Hasbro decided to change her appearance and edited the episode. Derpy was never seen until the episode “Rainbow Falls” which makes her initial return. Derpy will always be lovable character to appear in the background and as part of the MLP community.

  2. I saw the episode “one beer” on tiny toons, however the scene in which buster, Hampton, and Plucky careened off a cliff in the police car, was not included.

  3. When I was younger, the tiny toons one beer episode was one of my favorites. It was in fact broadcasted in the U.S.

  4. I don’t think The Simpsons counts as a kid’s show since it has beer, guns, drugs, ect. It is a adult cartoon like King of the Hill, American Dad, or South park, but I do see how it makes the list

    • Joshua Dunford it is a lot tamer than South Park or Family Guy, but yes, it isn’t a kids’ cartoon and should not be on this list at all

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