Another Top 10 Hidden Jokes in Kids Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood
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Kids movies are all sickeningly innocent and naive, eh? Well, maybe not. These jokes that were cleverly hidden by the writers were clearly intended for a more… mature audience. Realizing the true meanings of these jokes will totally ruin your childhood!

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  1. There was a very big mistake in the titling and thumbnailing of this video. It has been rectified and the one responsible has been dealt with.

  2. Are you kidding me? THAT was the example in The Grinch? When the Grinch is delivered the people inside the house are having a “key party”?

  3. Dr. Suess’s widow was so offended by the raunchy jokes in the Cat in the Hat movie, that she refused to allow any more live action films of his works to be made.

  4. For those who didn’t get the beads thing in Cinderella, that’s a reference to anal beads…a sex toy.

  5. The Road to El Dorado should be PG-13 entirely. I watched it a few years ago and I remember it had more sexual jokes in there.

  6. Watching this, you realize that this had to be an Another Top 10 episode because few of these are as clever as they think.

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