Knock knock. Who’s there? Owls say. Owls say who? Yes they do!
It may be an awful example of a very famous joke, but where did it come from?

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    • ***If you’re British, this’ll HURT!***
      “What does Princess Diana and Pink Floyd have in common?”……………..”THE WALL!!!”

    • A man was very sick with the flu, and checked himself into the hospital. A nurse got him set up in a room. He spent the night there, and though he woke up feeling a bit better, he was embarrassed to find he’d shit in the bed. Knowing a nurse would be along soon, he panicked, wrapped up all the sheets and threw them out of the window. Well, another man happened to be walking by, when the shitty sheets landed on his head. He started shouting, and swearing, and he fights the sheets off his head, throws them on the ground, and steps on them a few times for good measure. A police officer saw all this happen. He comes over and questions the still agitated man, “What’s going on here?”. The man shook his head, wiped his top lip, and says, “I dunno, but I just beat the shit out of this ghost!”

  1. Yo Mama so stupid, when she read a coupon that said “50% off” she went looking for the other half.

  2. “What does Princess Diana and Pink Floyd have in common?”……………..”THE WALL!!!”

  3. You gave a different, and fun, origin for knock knock jokes. I know it from the Porter in Macbeth:
    Enter a PORTER. Knocking within


    Here’s a knocking indeed! If a man were porter of hell-gate, he should have old turning the key.

    Knock within

    Knock, knock, knock! Who’s there, i’ th’ name of Beelzebub? Here’s a farmer that hanged himself on the expectation of plenty. Come in time, have napkins enough about you, here you’ll sweat for ’t.

    Knock within

    Knock, knock! Who’s there, in th’ other devil’s name? Faith, here’s an equivocator that could swear in both the scales against either scale, who committed treason enough for God’s sake, yet could not equivocate to heaven. O, come in, equivocator.

    Knock within

    5Knock, knock, knock! Who’s there? Faith, here’s an English tailor come hither for stealing out of a French hose. Come in, tailor. Here you may roast your goose.

    Knock within

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