Top 10 Things Disney Does That Pixar Doesn’t
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That’s not in Pixar’s wheelhouse. For this list, we’ll be looking at the aspects of Disney animated films that have not appeared often or prominently in Pixar films… so far, at least. Also, we’ll be speaking generally here, so not everything is going to apply 100% of the time. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Things Disney Does That Pixar Would Never Do.

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10) Tie Up Their Conflicts with a Bow
9) Set Most of Their Movies in an Old Fashioned Fantasy / Fairy Tale World
8) TV Show Adaptations
7) Broadway Adaptations
6) Live-Action Versions
5) Direct-to-Video Sequels
4. Purely Evil Villains
3, 2 & 1?

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  1. Here is one thing that Disney Dose that Pixar dose not Disney killed Star Wars an. Already good George Lucas films killed by Disney even the prequels where better than The Force Awakens and the last jedi the 6 Lucas Star Wars films were awesome

  2. Watchmojo has ran out of ideas Disney owns Pixar you idiots on the DVD box is say on every Pixar movie Disney Pixar

  3. I bet Pixars don’t make live-action versions of their own movies because they simply didn’t wanted to.

  4. You forgot that pixar would never make an entertaining movie. With Randy New man in most of their movies they really lowered the bar.

  5. Judging entirely from that one shot of the Tangled cartoon, I don’t think I can agree with the “better animation” statement.

  6. #1 is kind of a stupid one. Of COURSE Disney has more traditionally animated movies! CGI wasn’t even invented during the biggest part of their existence…and Pixar (practically) invented full-length computer animated movies.

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