The DPRK are pretty much constantly in the news, but how much of it is fact? How much of what you really know is true? Don’t worry – we here at AllTime 10s have you covered…

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  1. “Having never launched a war of aggression against any country” what bullshit is that. North Korea invaded the south in 1950 to start the Korean War and has tried to assassinate South Korean leaders. They’ve also blown up South Korean airliners. This is propaganda at its finest. I’ve lost a lot of respect for this channel.

  2. Did you seriously say “North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war” one day before both countries’ leaders met to reach an official end to the war?

  3. You little pro-trump bastards! First you call it dictatorship and its people ‘brainwashed’ in your several videos, now you are emphasizing that they are not bad, for the sake of peace talks. You do it this way, because your “mentally deranged dotard” leader wants you to do so, isn’t it?

  4. A lot of these are truly misconceptions, but it irks me that this video has the vibe of “it’s not that baaaaad”. Dprk commits massive human rights violations and has done so for decades. I hate when buzzfeed praised their cheerleaders, and I don’t like people becoming kinda meh towards a country that still uses detention centers to punish families for three generations.

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