The North Korean government keeps its cards close it its chest and its citizens in the dark in regards to the outside world. here are 10 pretty shocking lies the North Korean government tells its citizens.

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  1. I remember in high school my teacher show us a video of people thanking Kim because doctors cure them instead of thanking the doctors, then I told my teacher that’s the same way I see when people thank “god” instead of thanking the doctors, I got detention afterwards.

  2. We should not discount North Korean stories of American war atrocities outright. History is usually a three edged sword; your side, their side, and the truth.

  3. War era South Korea was a right-wing, heavily militaristic, dictatorship. It wasn’t until the late 80’s that the South actually became something that could honestly be called a democracy.

  4. The North Korean government is actually right about #1. The U.S and South Korea are likely at this point to invade the country according to Trump’s tweets.

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