Top 10 Ridiculous Facts About North Korea
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The Democratic People’s Public of Korea sure can be an interesting place. From fake towns, to unicorn lairs, to their own version of Godzilla, North Korea is the source of lots of strange trivia. WatchMojo counts down 10 insane facts about North Korea.

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#10. They Built a Fake Town
#9. The Discovery of a Unicorn Lair
#8. Kim Jongil’s Cognac Budget
#7. Your Birthday Isn’t Always the Day You Were Born
#6. They Have Their Own Godzilla
#5. Fake Football Fans
#4. They Seem to Really Like Accordions
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. The largest audience to ever watch a wrestling event wasn’t Wrestlemania 3 or 32. It was a wcw show in North Korea. The large attendance was due to it being mandatory for citizens to be there.

  2. Hello everyone just a quick question and I know it’s a stupid one I can’t for the life of me remember the song that the tune from 6:28 came from if someone could help I’d much appreciate it

  3. Jokes aside, Kim’s butthole won’t just be revealed its also gonna be violated too sooner or later, with or without war, nukes or without nukes…

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