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It can be difficult understanding bad dreams. From drowning, to being late or missing and important event, to a partner leaving or cheating, these night terrors can be difficult to decode. WatchMojo counts down ten common nightmares.

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#10: A Partner Leaving or Cheating
#9: Drowning
#8: Being Late or Missing an Important Event
#7: Unprepared for or Failing a Test
#6: Being Trapped
#5: Dying
#4: Losing Teeth
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. we dream so much about being chased becauase it’s a holdover from our ancestral history tens of thousands of years ago when we weren’t top of the food chain, the flight in our fight or flight mechanism is always active in our deep subconscious

  2. My worst nightmare was seeing my dog get put in an oven alive while I was tied up. I know it’s not that scary but I love my dog.

  3. I’ve had dreams about getting shot, being under the ocean with killer whales swimming around me. Being chased by godzilla, oh and falling lol. I have a vivid imagination.

  4. I always have dreams that people are breaking in my home feels real asf, now that’s weird anybody else have that dream?

  5. My whole body being fused with the intestines of a giant eel or snakelike creature racing on the surface of an endless and bottomless ocean in perpetual twilight. More disturbing than scary, but still my freakiest nightmare ever.

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