You may think they’re the stuff of Hollywood, but real disaster on a cinematic scale is just waiting to spring upon unsuspecting populations all over the world. Here are natural disasters that are just waiting to happen…

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  1. I wanna think that in about 50 years, we might figure out a way to relieve pressures and stresses of the earths crust to lessen the amount of damage a volcano by a certain percentage

  2. Lol the problem in California is that we live in a desert and many city people don’t understand that fact, I researched this when I was 8 years old and many people that go to the hills have neglected by dropping cigars or lighting a bbq, when I was that age it wasn’t illegal but until I became 10 years old I noticed a lot of Smokey the Bear adds going on and restrictions being added in big bear mountain or lake arrowhead. Btw that lake used to be blue in reflection suddenly it changed but I believe it’s actually a Dam not really a natural lake.

  3. You’re stretching the tales or whoever is doing a lot of your research needs to stop reading comics…he gets things mixed up. A good example is your version of the yellowstone park. This area releases underground pressure so regularly and evenly that it is the best release of underground pressure in the world. “The end is coming” people like to use this one as a great disaster thing where is is probably the most organized underearth place in the world. There are more than a handful more different things to pick out, but i’ll let others mention these to you.

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