We’ve all heard John Lennon singing “imagine there’s no countries”, but what if that was actually the case? How would the world change if we no longer had countries and nations? Well we here at Alltime 10s are here to tell you just that…

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  1. Love Live v Idol Master
    Azur Lane v Kancolle
    CoD v Battlefield
    Left Twix v Right Twix
    There will always be conflict.

    Love Live S1 v Love Live S(hit)[unshine]

  2. Just for starters live Hurricane with the b******* equal supply and demand there is no such thing. Without controlling it the area that does the best would be swamped with people generally without skills or common language to thrive entering claps in the economy and causing complete chaos due to the fact of not enough resources cope with all the people there with other areas suffering due to not having enough people kind of like Mexico and the neighboring countries around it. And there is another thing we don’t look at Mexico can barely pay the interest on the money they owe us

  3. Multiple countries help create efficiency, in the same way multiple companies help drive prices down, A monopoly will always stagnate if it doesn’t have to be competitive. How would you have any reference to how well a policy is working out if you didn’t have other countries to compare to?

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