Who REALLY Created Spider-Man?
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Stan Lee. Steve Ditko. Jack Kirby. Three titans of the comic book industry who each had a hand in the creation of Spider-Man? But who had the biggest role in Spidey’s creation? Which one of these influential artists should be credited for creating the web-head we know and love? We take a look at the facts and history to determine who really created Spider-Man.

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  1. It is obvious right ? Who’s the real creator of today pop culture and tech ‘mostly’ not the one we knew in public. Apple and Facebook for example…. And we also all knew the similarities of the people behind them all, right ? Its a pattern, boys… it’s a pattern… You just can’t deny it…

  2. The real answer is BOTH stan lee and Ditko created him. Stan came up with the character and the idea and ditko created the iconic suit and look.

  3. Celebrity swag the model AKA the only begotten Son made Everything,John 3:16 🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇Rest🌍🌬️💜👁️👻Iam the Alpha and Omega

  4. I have an equation. In the decades since Stan Lee declared himself creator, the number of claims and doubts have risen exponentially. The very claim creates publicity. Publicity causes jealousy. Jealousy creates challenge. Challange incites speculation. Speculation creates conspiracy.
    Can’t we be happy with the fact. The very fact that Lee, Kirby, Romita and Ditko, etc. etc. etc. had hands in creating, no matter what the measure, and that the end product has created an enormous amount of happiness for people?

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