Religious folk believe in a god or re-incarnation, which of course is a nice thought. But what if such a life was available to all through technological advancements, would you willingly sign up for it? And how would the rest of the world respond to its creation?

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  1. What are you talking about? This is already a simulation, but the only real being is Donald Trump…….he got in a machine trying to see what it would be like if he were President of the United States……… soon as he gets bored of it, we are all going to vanish forever. Do you think that if this really was reality, he’d be president? Grow up!

  2. This idea is stupid. Once your soul leaves your body you are dead. You can’t transfer a soul into a computer.

  3. Im not here to desire soul traps. As free as life’s lived is as free as a soul’s endless desire to continue natural random experiences.

  4. Change the title, ‘if it WERE created’. If you want to be taken seriously, use correct grammar.

  5. Your description of a personal digital heaven where you are the only conscious person is identical to a hell (except it wasn’t digital) that is explored in the original The Twilight Zone. Seems like you haven’t seen that episode if you would suggest the concept as a heaven.

  6. A digital afterlife would really frustrate me. Because then I’d never know if there is a real afterlife, and I wouldn’t be sure If who I have the memories and personality of is actually who I am

  7. the argument ignores that what we experience as real, is real to us even if it is not for outside people. therefore you could not tell that it wasn’t real from your own point of view. “Connection to reality” is only perception, it is what our brain tells us is real. Therefore the argument of the thought experiment is flawed.

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