No meat, no dairy, no problems? Well that’s up to you. Here are the facts.

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  1. If everyone went vegan the demand of soy products would become an ecological disaster. on another note, the demand for palm oil would probably skyrocket, destroying orangutan habitats. also the need for plant agriculure would probably render the great plains of the US a dust bowl, yet again.

  2. The pollution that would ensue would be a lot greater than that natural fertilizers would be gone pesticides insecticides petroleum based fertilizer would skyrocket irrigation erosion and other pollutions tied to farming and there’s not enough land to do it

  3. Studies showed that a vegetarian diet with eggs and some dairy products would feed more people and be healthier than a purely vegan diet. Also in 3:44 you call it a vegetarian diet, but vegan does not equal vegetarian, vegetarian still means you can eat eggs and cheese and other animal products just not meat

  4. If vegans’ main offense is eating living things then they may as well not eat at all. Plants are technically living.

    • +J Squad Vlogs… No buddy, either way Veganism harms less plants so there would be no problem…. The real problem is your Carnism, either way… 😉

    • +J Squad Vlogs… Yes buddy… Are you claiming we should base things on what we don’t know and ignore what we actually know???… Because I gotta be honest buddy, I’m hoping that’s not the best plan you can up with… 😉

  5. hmm not to bad on balance imo. Can I point out though that the population of large ruminants on the planet is currently the lowest it has been in human history, so if cows/ruminants were really as bad as is being claimed, greenhouse gasses would have decreased since the industrial age (or rather since the invention of the gun) wouldn’t they.

    Also there’s a patented seaweed that is proven to reduce methane from cows by a minimum of 80%, but generally achieving 98-99% when fed as 1% of the diet, so again IF the methane’s such an issue, it’s easily solvable (but in reality, both that & the crop burning are only releasing the gasses just sequestered & so are just a part of the active carbon cycle & are both carbon neutral. It’s only fossil fuel methane that impacts atmospheric levels, since it’s not in the active carbon cycle

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