In shows like X-Files, Ancient Aliens, Alf, 3rd Rock from the sun, Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Invader Zim and Doctor Who, we’re led to believe some crazy things about aliens. Be it in conspiracy theories or pranks we’ve all fallen for a couple of alien myths. In this episode we’re asking questions like: Is Octopus DNA alien? Was the mars crater proof of alien life? what was the Roswell Incident? What do they keep in Area 51? Did Aliens create the pyramids? How do crop circles appear? and more!

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  1. Giorgio Tsoukalos. Ithaca College, class of ’98. B.A. in Sports Management and Communications.

  2. Mojo… how about Top Ten Game Show Hosts? And Top Ten Family Feud Hosts. Not sure if they’ve had 10 but you get the idea.

  3. I think those green and gray aliens are us that we have figured out time travel at some point if you think about it that’s things we are aiming for in thought now so why would it be impossible that it isn’t us that’s my theory atleast. I believe the grey or green hues are from the particles that pass through our bodies in space that eventually cause our skin pigment to change and well the height that’s to lack of gravity over generations #openyoureyestofutureswetrytomakeourown

  4. 05: We have discovered so little of the Earths oceans that many species while not alien to Earth are Alien to humans.

  5. Last one is bull shit they weren’t a air shit against soviets they changed it from an aircraft to a damn balloon damn British mofo don’t know shit ese

  6. It annoys me that ancient aliens is on the history channel. Anyone who believes that show might as well sign up to scientology right now. They believe humans achieved nothing without aliens putting the ideas into their head like seriously? And wtf is with the orange dude if theres an alien anywhere its him. Fucking hate that show oh piccaco painted this picture nope aliens told him to do it through waves to his brain.

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