Top 10 Alien Races In Comics

Alien races in DC and the alien races in Marvel Comics are very diverse. Who are the Kree? What are Skrulls or Thanagarians? The most power aliens in comic books aren’t the only contents for this list, as we are also looking at the most interesting, bizarre and iconic species as well. Aliens like the Wreathers from Saga or the Symbiotes like Venom and Carnage are also fair contenders. Join WatchMojo as we count down out picks for the best and most interesting aliens races in comic books.

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00:45 #10. Tamaraneans
01:44 #9. Maltusians
02:47 #8. Symbiotes
03:49 #7. Wreathers
04:26 #6. Martians (DC Universe)
05:29 #5. Thanagarians
06:24 #4. Brood
07:01 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. My favourites ones are Hopskinville Goblins, Mothman, and Shadow Creature
    of Braxton County. These fucking comics’ alien races are fucking weaker and
    fucking more pathetic !! For instance: if superman is fucking alien, why
    does he always need to use his muscly body to lift up every heavy shit ??
    why does not he have telepathic and telekinetic powers ?? And even how Hal
    Jordan becomes the leader of green lantern corps as in fact he is only a
    human ?? The real Aliens are way more powerful and strategic to lead every
    living creature in this universe, not the opposite of this truly fact !!!
    Great fucking jobs on creating fucking fake aliens, dc and marvel comics

  2. WTF? Not even an honorable mention for the Triceratons, Kraang, Saiyans,
    Namekians or Kherubim? And yes, Saiyans & Namekians count as the manga came

  3. Really? Without Kryptonians (and one Kryptonian in particular), none of
    these others would have existed. Epic fail!

  4. Between number one and number two it should have been the Kryptonians and
    the Cybertronians (Transformers).

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