The South African Apartheid will doubtlessly go in the history books as a human tragedy. But inspiring figures like Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk arose from such horrors and changed the course of history. This episode of Top 5 Facts gives a brief rundown on the events of the apartheid and also answers questions like; Who was Nelson Mandela? How did the Apartheid end? What was the Sharpeville Massacre? How did the rest of the world react? What happened with Khoikhoi territories? Who was President Botha? and more.
So watch as we uncover the truth about this terrible mark in human history.

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  1. Don’t like how some black people make us white people feel bad for things we never did… That alone is racist… I did nothing wrong, people from the past were the morons, and not all… Some made you free…

  2. Atm in South Africa the only truly racist people in South Africa are the Old, the people who were there and are still alive.
    And why the fuck would someone touch this topic or even go near it.

  3. Before Apartheid: Blacks were seen as barbaric and basically not as humans/ equal to white men, this was due to the MASSIVE gap in development culturally and intellectually, most southern Africans at the time had no concept of reality like the Europeans.
    Apartheid was formed because this gap continued and never improved because slavery and segregation kept the blacks form developing but to “catch up” would be hard as it is.
    The white men who had taken over government (mostly Afrikaans) developed the concept of the Swart Gevaar (Black Danger)… they saw black people as a HUGE threat… a threat to all they felt they built or developed within South Africa (which was pretty much the entire infrastructure and economy and yes this was done with a lot of black labour but the whites created it)…
    They said that the black people out number them and could create chaos in South Africa if they were given power because they lack the knowledge and capacity to make the country successful and for it to flourish… they feared that they would destroy South Africa and make it a crime ridden mess where whites would be in danger and would fear for their lives everyday. Infrastructure would be destroyed along with the economy, education… everything they “built”…

    I completely disagree with segregation and I’m glad it is gone. The gap would need to be closed sooner or later….
    Here’s the sad part: everything they feared in the Swart Gevaar has pretty much come true.

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