Top 5 Weird Orgasm Facts

Well, we’ve done Top 5 Facts about the porn industry, hentai and the clitoris. So why not orgasms, right? Seriously though, there are some weird and surprising things that you probably don’t know about getting off. We’re staying adult and scientific here (mostly), but this video is definitely PG.

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  1. I don’t know a female orgasm was a weird fact…like women can also orgasm,
    it’s just half you shitty men can’t make them.

  2. Can you be done? Can you all just stop at this point? I get it, sex is
    nice, people giggle about it, and it’s easy to access via websites or
    celebrities. At what point will you stop, though? When is being smart and
    having a lot of wisdom and understanding of people and this world going to
    be popular again? I know some people still hold those to be ideals, but
    it’d be nice to see the “celebrities” be those who have accomplished
    virtuous goals in their life. To emulate great thinkers and good deed
    do’ers. I know this is just a WatchMojo, and whatever audience that resides
    here, but this has to make sense to someone other than just me.

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