Top 10 Most Powerful Orators in History

There have been many famous orators throughout history, but only a few transcend time. Great speakers like Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi have given some of the most famous speeches in history, and have cemented themselves as some of the best communicators the world has ever seen. WatchMojo counts down ten of the greatest speakers in history to give you some inspiration for your next public speaking assignment.

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00:46 #10: Mahatma Gandhi
01:50 #9: Marcus Tullius Cicero
02:51 #8: Margaret Thatcher
04:03 #7: Ronald Reagan
05:00 #6: Nelson Mandela
06:18 #5: Franklin D. Roosevelt
07:17 #4: Adolf Hitler
08:28 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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  1. Hitler should not have been on the list..listen to the English
    translations….vitriolic and uninspiring apart from the violence he would
    impart on his enemies..nope not great at all….Churchill WAS number a bombshell of a margin..JFK shoul d def have been in there..his
    heart was in his speeches..not sure about any of the others listed, but
    Churchill and JFK for sure.

  2. I think that Hitler should be in first position because he persuaded a
    nation to do terrible things in speaking

  3. Did you really put Churchill on 1st place and Hitler on the 4th?
    Come on Watchmojo, I was expecting some more professionality.
    Have you ever seen Churchill in front of a field filled with at least 1
    million people.
    You did not even include Goebbels, just see his speeches on the Jewish
    After this I’m really unsubbed, even because 90% of your choices are born
    from just nowhere.
    I really expected some professionality from you.

  4. How is Neil DeGrasse Tyson not on this list, at least as an honorable
    mention? Yeah, he hasn’t delivered any war or civil rights speeches but his
    ability to command an audience and take them on a journey instead of simply
    tell them a story is unmatched.
    Personal opinion he should’ve sat at 4th with JFK 3rd, MLK 2nd &
    (unfortunately because, you know, he was a really shitty person who used
    his remarkable talents in literally the worst way possible) Hitler 1st.
    Great idea for a top 10 list though!

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