In honour of our 10 year anniversary, WatchMojo is publishing a special edition MAGAZINE! Inside you’ll meet the faces behind our voiceovers, discover the TRUTH about our supposed BATMAN bias, and get a few hot takes from WatchMojo Staff about the best TV, Music and Movies of the past 10 years. You can own the magazine in PRINT or DIGITAL at or by clicking here:

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  1. a bit tight, innit? we watch your videos which generates a lot of money for
    you guys. I think your first products should be for free. I mean we all
    know it was made for much less than the selling price.

  2. Top ten years of WatchMojo, make it happen… someone’s gotta say it (I’m
    assuming I’m not the first to make that joke to be fair)

  3. While I’ve only been here a short year, it’s been a great one. You guys
    have introduced me to so many great anime such as Madoka Magica, One Punch
    Man, and Clannad

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