We have compiled data from militaries around the world to find out who the current top 10 most powerful miltiaries in the world are. Which country will prove the most deadly and top the list?

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    • Gunmaster G-9 if you don’t know then you must know that pakistan is one of the only countries who have nuclear power 😉

    • Brazil is underestimated as always, Turkey is overestimated (It’s not even a stable country) and why are so many pakis butthurt, they were never listed in any Top 10 powerful list before.

  1. List is taken from Global Firepower, a well researched compiler of military strength. However, Global Firepower explicitly discounts nuclear capability. If nukes are thrown into the equation, Israel almost certainly jumps to 7th, and Pakistan into 8th or 9th. South Korea, Egypt, Indonesia and Brazil all come close to Italy. When the UK launches its new aircraft carriers it will likely jump back ahead of India temporarily. Russia and China very closely matched. USA just another level all together in this day and age – practically indestructible. Australia and Canada mentioned in the comments, but while both are high-tech and have recent combat experience, neither significantly more powerful than a 2nd tier European military power (i.e. Poland, Greece, Spain and Sweden). Finally – Germany and Japan have been quietly rising fast in recent years: sounds familiar. Honourable mention to last place in the world – the Central African Republic.

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