It’s been a long road to legalizing marijuana for certain countries, and there are still many things stopping other drugs from being legalized – in the US especially. In this episode we ask questions like; How do we overcome Social Stigma on Drug Laws? How would it affect Pharmaceutical companies? Would it impact International treaties? Will it lower the prison population? Will it mess with the police? And will it affect the law enforcement?

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  1. People who take drugs are usually seeking some sort of pain relief, whether it is the stress of living in their current situation or are satisfying an addiction. While stimulants can cause someone to become irrational and dangerous to others around them, this should be treated as a health emergency and not a crime. These people need psychological and medical help, not imprisonment. I’d rather employ therapists, physicians and doctors as opposed to cops and prison guards.

  2. I hate the people trying to be cool and vote for legalization,im serious let face it drugs are bad

  3. Big no! These narcotics must only be used for medical purposes! Recreational use is a big no no.

    I’m absolutely supporting the war on drugs throughout the globe

  4. I personally feel drugs shouldn’t be legalized. Cause I’m sorry pot heads while yes are easier to deal with then drunks they both are annoying, wastes of time, and usually are worthless to society wasting money and helping nobody. And people who say you can’t be addicted is a lying fuck. Now I will say you aren’t addicted in the way most drugs addict (like alcohol or crack) but its a more mental addiction (Like porn or gambling) which is just as bad. I’ve seen guys who say “ya I can stop at any time” and then when I challenge them to stop they never do. While not as dangerous to society its definitely not safe for there own sake. Another little known fact, weed smoke does damage your lungs. And actually its usually worse since most pot smokers hold it in and breath heavily in comparison to cigarette smokers. Further expose to the smoke and causing more damage in most cases. So why not we end cigarettes and weed. While I’m the first to admit the world isn’t all that great it’s better to look at it, confront it, and enjoy it rather then hide behind the wall of drugs and there effects. While they might feel good they aren’t good. Just like a piece of chocolate, you know its not good for you, so why have it.

    But hell that’s just my opinion.

  5. ive been saying this for a while now. now i dont do any drugs or marijuana or anything like that but i believe that if all drugs were decriminalized than the world would be a better place. think about it this way. there will be an underground drug system. as long as it is illegal, people will find a way to do it secretly. but if, lets say, all drugs were legalized and there were centers set up where people could go to do drugs in a safe, controlled enviornment, then the need for underground drug cartels would dissapear. why illegally get them for high prices when you can get them from the government. this would stop alot of gang violence and gangs and also stop deaths from drug use. it would also bring drug usage down as once its legal people wont want to do it much anymore (the whole rebellion complex thing where somethings only alluring cause it is bad or illegal) it would solve alot of todays problem and the world would get significantly better as a result. but the government wont do that because it would end alot of jobs and while improving the quality of life, would end up with a severe loss of jobs and money. (like how i believe we have a cure for cancer but no one is allowed to know because the government and hospitals and scientists gets paid billions to “fight” cancer.)

    • Yeah, and create thousands more of potheads in the society. We’ve had enough problem with cigarette and alcohol, there’s no need for another.

  6. Funny how there are more alcohol related accidents than there are marijuana related ones, and governments choose to make booze legal and Mary-Jane outlawed.

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