Welcome to Top10Archive! These days, everybody has something to sell. The problem is, not everything needs to be more than just an idea. Unfortunately, with Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sources, anybody has potential access to gather the resources needed to realize their creation – which gives us gems like these 10 unbelievably bad, unnecessary, and downright weird Kickstarter projects.

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10. Little Eatz
9. Girlcraft
8. PetPhone
7. PancakeBot
6. The NoPhone
5. Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle
4. The Cool Baby
3. 10 Days of Video Game Gender Benders
2. Gravgen: Gravity Powered Generators
1. Support Through Passion


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  1. That bottle that reminds you of drinking might sound like a good idea at
    first. After all I already had colleagues who were so loaded up with work
    that they completely forgot or ignored their bodily needs and went through
    the whole day without eating or drinking. But on the other hand you can
    also easily put up a timer on your phone that regularly reminds you that
    you shouldn’t forget to drink something.

  2. Idk ’bout any of you, but I’ve always felt a massive void in my life
    because I can’t drink vodka from a fake baby head…if only…

  3. the waterbottle thing is actually a genius idea! I want one. Don’t
    understand what’s so ‘fail’ about it. Not staying hydrated is a very common
    problem with a lot of people

  4. Ok but the hydration one is actually pretty valid, you don’t have to put it
    down so much. Many people with mental illnesses often forget to take care
    of themselves. and sometimes people like me honestly forget to drink and
    get very dehydrated.

  5. these were all dumb ideas but thats how people use kickstarter even if some
    of them are good, Someone could go on kickstarter for a wonderboner, oh
    wait that was already invented

  6. what the fuck is the girl craft, ok if you are a girl that like the ok then
    but I think it’s at least a little sexist and stariotipical to think all
    girls are like that.

    (call me CRAZY!!! if you want but that’s just my opinion)

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