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CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! You’d better hope Bill Gates doesn’t hear about this! These are the worst of the worst mistakes, blunders, controversies, scandals, gaffs & disasters to ever befall Microsoft’s flagship gaming console. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Xbox FAILS.

00:29 #10. SmartGlass
01:33 #9. Barebones 360
02:29 #8. The Original Xbox Controller
03:14 #7. Xbox One’s Launch Price
04:04 #6. External HDDVD Player
04:46 #5. Killing Rare
05:36 #4. Disc Destroyer
06:14 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  2. Smartglass was good cause I was able to use it for Fable I maps and such. I have used to the original Xbox controller and I was able to the other buttons. The HD DVD player came about cause we can blame SONY here for trying to sue Xbox for wanting to included a blu-player into the Xbox 360 so this Fail can be put onto SONY’s head cause all the other dev’s of the Blu-Ray player wanted it to be in both consoles at the time, yeah so SONY is to blame. Also Xbox didn’t kill RARE cause they brought Banjo and Kazooi. The kinect was ok for video chat with everyone but the disc destroyer thing was people being stupid in standing their console up instead of laying down the correct way.

    As for the E3 of Xbox ONE they were testing the waters and such to get feedback from people to see if the things where right and such but not everything was right and they scrapped the idea’s.

    The Red Ring of death on the xbox 360 was due to the pin holding the graphics card down which would pop off leaving you with a Red Ring of Death, were as SONY’s Yellow light of death could be fixed but in most case’s it couldn’t and you weren’t able to get a replacement console which meant you had to fork out more money and time in just setting up the console and waiting on all those downloaded games to be re-install again and you spending many more hours to get to that last checkpoint you were at before you got the yellow light of death where as with the Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE you can put all your saved data onto an external HDD or the cloud and still be able to play from were you lefted off from.

    I’m not promoting any console and I’m no Die Hard fan of any console, I play what I want and what I like to play. Did I mention I have 3DS and such no well I just did. I can point out I enjoy a number of series of games ranging from the Final Fantasy series to the Halo series and more including ones from 80’s and 90’s like Duke Nukem and Leisure Suit Larry

  3. I honestly don’t care I play the Xbox One only because that’s the console my older brother and I bought back in 2013, I would get a PS4 but honestly there’s no point because what’s the point of purchasing the same games on another console.
    I don’t bag on the Sony owners or pc players if they have fun then that’s all that matters right ?

  4. 360 dominated the PS3. Sony learned their mistakes and is now dominating the x1. Sadly the ones who worked on the 360 were not responsible making the X1

  5. Ooh okay, I wondered why I played gta5 offline and I loose everything on Xbox. Fuck that suks!

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