Konami, my old friend, we need to talk…As much as we love you, you’ve gotta come clean about some of these big mistakes you’ve made as a company. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Konami Fails.

00:23 #10. Six Days in Fallujah
01:10 #9. Doing Zero Promotion for ‘Blades of Time’
01:56 #8. Pro Evolution Soccer 201PC Port
02:50 #7. Silent Hill’s ‘Month of Madness’
03:41 #6. E20Press Conference
04:29 #5. Censoring YouTube Personalities
05:10 #4. Cancelling Silent Hills
06:00 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Why did you have to include Jim Sterling in this? He’s a fail on his own, almost as much as Konami.

  2. I was just talking about this subject with my friends other day, yes there are bad apples in Konami most of these trendy people who dont like Konami, never grew up playing there games, just a bunch of butthurt trendy people, the only thing i dont like is the group that was bothering Hideo Kojima, people also dont like Rare, i suppose for long people wont like Nintendo aswell, and follow a mindless hate trend, i suggest people have there own opinion and not follow others

  3. the guy in the yellow t shirt in the opening looks like our former president benigno aquino

  4. “We are going to cancel the new silent hill game”
    *crowd goes crazy*
    “It’s okay. We have an even better game planned…”
    *crowd grows silent*
    “It’s a zombie game set in the metal gear universe and involves magical worm holes!”
    “We are also making silent hill and metal gear pachinko machines!”
    *The whole crowd pulls out a gun and caps the person to their right*
    “… Obviously these people don’t understand good business decisions, but whatever people are going to buy it anyway”.

  5. You forgot to mention that Konami under pays their stsff. Kojima was getting played little, yet Konami wanted more out of him.

  6. Another Fail from Konami: Acquiring Hudson Soft and obtaining all their IPs such as Bomberman, Bonk, Adventure Island, Star Soldier and Bloody Roar and doing absolutely JACK SHIT with them. Only just recently did we get a new Bomberman game, and that’s because Nintendo got involved with it.

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